What Type of Bug Is That

Many people see one bug and start to panic because they are certain of what the bug is, and know there are thousands more right around the next corner. These assumptions may or may not be true. The only way to be sure is to contact an experienced pest control professional to assess the situation. An exterminator will be able to correctly identify the bug.

Often Misidentified

Insects are often misidentified at first sight. Beetles are confused with cockroaches, termites are sometimes mistaken for ants, and there are five bugs that are thought to be bed bugs when seen crawling around. The key to successful bed bug extermination lies in proper identification.

This is the same case with all types of pests. Buying a pesticide off the shelf to get rid of the pest believed to be in the home will be a waste of money if the critter is some other type of bug. Guessing is not the best method for pest control.

One or Two May Be All of Them

It is possible that one or two bugs may be the extent of the invasion. Some bugs are carried from one location to another inadvertently. Clothing, shoes, purses, and backpacks are the most common modes of transportation for bugs.

The biggest clue is the location. If there is a constant food source, such as in a home, hotel, or apartment building, there are typically more bugs. Sightings in a waiting room, public buses, or a library, for example, are usually an isolated incident.

Finding the Source

Infestations in multiple dwelling settings, such as dormitories, apartment complexes or condominium buildings, as well as hospitality locations make finding the source of the problem difficult. Bugs in an apartment may actually be traveling from the apartment next door. In these cases, the entire complex has to be treated to eradicate the issue.

Once an infestation is treated, professionals can recommend preventative measures to avoid further outbreaks. In the case of bed bugs, active mattress liners and total mattress encasement are the easiest way to protect against more problems in the future. Washing bedding frequently is also a deterrent. Keeping the room clean and free of food will also help.


Infestations will get worse quickly as most insects and bugs have prolific reproductive capabilities. Call a professional company that deals with pests on a daily basis to fix the problem. The costs will be much cheaper than restoration efforts due to structural damage.

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